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It "does not yet take account of the opportunities of leaving the EU", he said, adding that civil service forecasts were "always wrong, and wrong for good reasons". Responding to calls for it to be published, Mr Baker said MPs would get as much information as possible before they vote on the final Brexit deal but said: "We don't propose to go into these negotiations having revealed all of our thinking." And as Brexiteer MPs hit out at the leaking of the document, he said there was "clearly" a campaign to overturn the 2016 EU referendum by some people in the media and the House of Commons. One Conservative MP, Antoinette Sandbach, told Mr Baker she took exception to being told it was not in the national interest for her to see the document. And responding for Labour, Brexit spokesman Sir Keir Starmer said the emergence of the report was "piling absurdity on absurdity" with the government having previously denied the existence of Brexit impact assessments. Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: "For months, Theresa May's government have refused to produce any detailed analysis of the potential impact of various Brexit scenarios - now we know why they have so desperately engaged in a cover-up." The BBC understands the Treasury contributed to the document but sources say it is part of a much wider range of work going on in Whitehall. Reality Check: What the EU wants from transition talks The report suggests UK economic growth would be 8% lower than current forecasts, in 15 years' time, if the country left the bloc with no deal and reverted to World Trade Organisation rules. It says growth would be 5% lower if Britain negotiated a free trade deal and 2% lower even if the UK were to continue to adhere to the rules of the single market. All scenarios assume a new deal with the US. Conservative MP Philip Davies blamed the report on "London-centric remoaners" in the civil service "who didn't want us to leave the European Union in the first place and put together some dodgy figures to back up their case". Earlier Conservative MP and leave campaigner Iain Duncan Smith told BBC Radio 4's Today programme the document should be taken "with a pinch of salt" as almost every single forecast on Brexit has been wrong. A government source said the report "contains a significant number of caveats and is hugely dependant on a wide range of assumptions".

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The day a clothes shop in Newport was bombed in 1974

The following Tuesday the Argus said a young couple window shopping in Commercial Street reported seeing a man in the doorway of the shop 15 minutes before the blast. Their description of the man was said to “in some way resemble” the photo-fit of the individual seen acting suspiciously in the Tredegar Arms Hotel. But Detective Chief Superintendent Fred Connor said: “We cannot say whether the man seen in the shop online clothes shopping websites doorway is the bomber or not. This man could have been the bomber.” The aftermath of the blast on Commercial Street Four days previously another device had been detonated in The Corridor in Bath and, four days after, Park Street in Bristol was hit by two detonations in the space of 10 minutes. Both of those attacks followed a similar pattern, with a telephone warning coming shortly before the attack from a caller with an Irish accent. On Wednesday, December 18, a total of 17 people were injured when two blasts hit Bristol city centre. None of the injuries were serious. After news of the Bristol bombings emerged, police began working on the possibility that the three incidents may have been linked. Police investigators said forensic tests revealed the device used in the Newport incident employed a clock system “identical to the one at Bath”. There was an extensive clear-up operation Senior police officers from the forces were reportedly comparing notes to establish further links. A Western Mail reporter wrote: "The chief superintendent said that the Gwent force had been comparing notes with a senior officer from Bath to see the points of similarity between the Newport explosion and the one in a Bath shopping arcade.

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