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Istanbul suspect a Kyrgyzstan man: media Private NTV television said the gunman had resisted arrest. NTV reported that the alleged gunman's Kyrgyz friend and three other people also กระเป๋า CHARLES & KEITH ขายส่ง were detained. His 4-year-old child, who was with him at the home, was taken into protective custody. Hurriyet newspaper said the alleged gunman's wife and 1-year old daughter were caught in a police operation on Jan. 12. Police established his whereabouts four or five days ago, but delayed the raid so they could monitor his movements and contacts, NTV reported. The television channel also broadcast footage showing plain-clothed police taking away a man in a white top and sweat pants, forcing his head down. The station said the images showed the gunman's Kyrgyz friend being taken to a police vehicle. The state-run Anadolu Agency likewise reported the arrest and identified the gunman, only with a slightly different spelling of his first name, Abdulgadir. It said a Kyrgyz man and three women were detained with him Anadolu said the suspects were being taken to Istanbul's main police headquarters for questioning. Police were carrying out raids on other suspected Islamic State group cells, the news agency said without providing details.

According to Daily Mail , the 19-year-old Keeping Up with the Kardashians star ditched her skin-baring ensembles for a more casual number. Her face was makeup-free, while her beau was also dressed down for the occasion, wearing sweatpants and a hoodie. The latest Jenner and Tyga sighting came a week after she angrily told her fans that she would no longer update her blog following กระเป๋า h m ราคา the incident of an unapproved post, which detailed her sex life with her 27-year-old boyfriend. The post, which has been deleted, reportedly revealedJenner telling her fans to spice up their sex life with lingerie, toy and massages. Due to the unapproved blog post, Jenner told her fans through a series of posts on Twitter that she doesnt want to do anything with the said app. In one of her posts, she said she wont be posting personally, saying its unfair and denied she never said those statements written on the post. Meanwhile, Jenner recently teased her fans and followers on Instagram when she posted some sexy photos captioned with thehashtag #SecretProject, Bustle noted. The pictures were reportedly taken at producer Rick Rubins Shangri-La recording studio in Malibu. It remained unclear what Jenners secret project is all about. But Cosmopolitan suggested it could be a clothing line. What docould Jenners #SecretProject be? Sound off below.

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