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July 12, 2018 / 1:12 PM / Updated 6 minutes ago Factbox: UK wants EU immigration policy that supports business, tourists and students LONDON (Reuters) - British Prime Minister Theresa May published her blueprint for relations with the European Union after Brexit on Thursday, including how the country will manage immigration, a key issue during 2016’s referendum. UK Border control is seen in online shopping Terminal 2 at Heathrow Airport in London June 4, 2014. REUTERS/Neil Hall/File Photo Below are the main points on how Britain hopes to control the movement of people after the country leaves the European Union in March next year. - About 3.5 million EU citizens live in Britain and about 800,000 UK nationals live in communities across the EU, the government said, and both Britain and the EU had already agreed that people will continue to be able to move, live and work on the same basis as now up until the end of December 2020. - In future, the UK government and Parliament will determine domestic immigration rules, the government said in its White paper that details its proposals. Free movement of people will end as the UK leaves the EU, it said. - The UK said it wanted an immigration policy that supports businesses to provide services and to move talented people, and allows citizens to travel freely, without a visa, for tourism and temporary business activity. - It said it also wants to facilitate mobility for students and young people, enabling them to continue to benefit from universities and the cultural experiences the UK and the EU have to offer. - Immigration rules will be as streamlined as possible to ensure smooth passage for legitimate travel while strengthening the security of the UK’s borders, it said. - The proposals will also include arrangements to ensure that UK citizens living in the EU, in future, continue to benefit from their pension entitlements and associated healthcare.

The remains of the bodies were found in the evening, staff waited until daylight to investigate “They came heavily armed with hunting rifles and axes which we have recovered and enough food to last them for several days so we suspect they were after all of our rhinos here. “But the lions are our watchers and guardians and they picked the wrong pride and became a meal. “Whilst we are saddened at any loss of life the poachers came here to kill our animals and this sends out a very clear message to any other poachers that you will not always be the winner”. The game reserve is one of the most popular in the Eastern Cape with British tourists and is home to the Big Five of elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion and leopard and is set in 30 square miles. Three rhinos were killed by poachers in 2016 We found enough body parts and three pairs of empty shoes which suggest to us that the lions ate at least three In 2016 the reserve lost three rhinos when poachers got into the park and shot them dead and cut off their horns but this time the poachers ended up being the prey and a dinner for the lions. Owner Nick said: “The lions may have eaten more of them it is difficult to tell as the area is very thick with bush and you cannot be sure what they have taken off to feed on elsewhere. “The best estimate we have so far is that three of the gang were eaten. “They were armed with high powered rifles with silencers and an axe for the horns and wire cutters and side arms and they had enough food with them to last for many days. “They were clearly intent on killing rhinos and cutting off their horns." The poachers were HEAVILY armed with rifles The remains of the bodies were found as darkness fell on 3 July but staff had to wait until daylight on 4 July when the area could be declared safe to go in and recover what was left Police spokeswoman Captain Mali Govender confirmed that the remains had been found in the lion camp and that detectives were on the scene trying to work out how many were eaten. Captain Govender said: “We do not know identities but firearms have been taken by the police and will be sent to the ballistics laboratory to see if they have been used in poaching before”.

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